Use Of Directional Drilling In Canada’s Oil And Gas Industry

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Directional drilling, also called directional boring, is used drilling into the ground at any angle other than directly vertical. While it adds costs and increases the amount of time it takes to drill a well, directional drilling allows well boring that may not have otherwise been possible or cost effective. Modern uses of an old technique The use of directional drilling has gotten a lot of media attention lately, but it is not new to oil and gas production. The first directional drilling patent dates back to 1891, when a patent was granted...

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3 Great Advantages Of Wooden Shake Shingles

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When it comes to roofing shingles, many people think of the common asphalt shingles. It makes sense since asphalt shingles are very popular when it comes to roofing. However, it is important to consider wooden shake shingles as well since they offer several advantages to home owners. Read on to learn about the advantages of wooden shake shingles that you are probably not aware of.  Eco-Friendly If you are an environmentally-conscious consumer, you should consider wooden shake shingles. These shingles tend to be made from sustainable wood...

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Causes Of And Repairs To A BUR Roof

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One of the most common flat roofs on the market is the Built-Up Roof, or BUR. This roof is created by alternating layers of felt paper and asphalt. Because asphalt is water repellent, it will keep out water for as long as it remains in tact. The problems is that asphalt can be broken down by the weather. Thus, it is important to know the causes and signs of damage so that you can repair your roof when necessary.  Causes of BUR Damage Ultraviolet rays are all that is needed to undermine the structural integrity of a BUR roof. To prevent...

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The Merits Of A Flat Roof

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In general, a homeowner can choose from two types of roofing: flat or pitched. While flat roofs certainly have their flaws, they also have many benefits which make them well worth the investment. Here are some of the many benefits of flat roofs. Easier to Inspect No doubt, flat roofs are far easier to climb onto and inspect. Of course, it is important to be cautious any time you’re on top of a roof, but the danger is less if it’s a flat roof you’re on top of. With a flat roof, there is no need to do maintenance work from a...

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What Type Of Demolition Will Work Best For Your Project?

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Thinking about doing a massive remodel on your home or commercial building? If so, you may find that it is easier and more cost effective to simply demolish your building and build exactly what you want from scratch rather than trying to adapt your current building to fit your needs. Of course, demolishing a building is no small matter. It is usually messy, and it can even be dangerous. Demolition experts have consequently designed many different ways to demolish a building. Each has its own pros and cons, which is why it is...

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How Pipeline Owners Practice Preventative Maintenance To Keep The Pathways To You Clear

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Millions of gallons worth of liquids pour through pipelines every day, delivering water, oil and natural gas to consumers who use it for many different purposes.  Getting these precious resources from a central plant to residential and commercial buildings depends on the work of clear pipelines.  Whether pipelines are buried deep beneath the earth, or if they snake alongside highways and country roads, it is important that pipes be kept clear so that costly hold-ups will not occur.  While pipelines will almost certainly require...

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How To Repair A Leak In Your Flat Rubber Roof In 4 Easy Steps

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The ability to perform basic repairs on their own is one of the reasons that many business owners choose rubber flat roofing membranes for their flat roofing surfaces. If your rubber roof has sprung a leak, you can repair this leak quite easily without the need to hire a professional contractor by following the four steps below. Step #1: Find The Source Of The Leak The most difficult part of repairing a flat rubber roof is to find the location of the leak. This is because small holes and tears in the rubber membrane will often blend in with...

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3 Eco-Friendly Roofing Solutions For Your Home

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The environment has been a hot button topic for many years now. Consequently, more and more homeowners are now looking for ways to do their part in saving the environment by making their home more environmentally friendly. One of the most effective ways people have been accomplishing this goal is through the use of eco-friendly roofing systems. Continue reading to learn more about three of these environmentally friendly roofing solutions so that you can determine whether or not they are right for your home. Green Roofing Systems Green roofing...

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Relighting A Pilot Light On A Standing Pilot Furnace

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Older furnaces will use a pilot light to light the gas flowing into the burner. This pilot can go out for several reasons, and when it does your furnace will not light. A mechanism in your furnace will shut off the gas, so you don’t have to worry about gas permeating your home just because your burner didn’t light. You do, however, have to relight your pilot in order to get your furnace working again.  Investigate the Cause Pilot lights are designed to burn constantly, so there has to be a cause for them going out. If you...

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Why You Should Consider A Log Home Over A Traditional House

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If you’re thinking about building a house, there may be one type of home that you haven’t yet considered. In addition to the unique look and feel, custom log homes offer a number of great benefits over building a traditional house. Here are just a few reasons to consider a contractor or construction company, like Harrison Log Home Spruce, that specializes in log homes before you make your final decision. Energy Efficiency It’s possible for a log home to be just as energy efficient as a traditional house. In order to...

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